Michael Lofquist

Innovator | Solution Architect


I am a Danish software architect & innovator who has worked in numerous countries around the world. I have been very fortunate to have had longer periods of intense innovation and creativity in my life. This website highlights of some of these innovations. For the more traditional resume I can refer you to my LinkedIn account, or my current resume. Even more interesting is the time spent as a writer and director.


I think N7 is still worth considering for a viable startup. I have added some details below, so drop me a line if you are interested. Or in need of an innovative soul.

Node 7

'To hell with facts! We need stories'

As the American novelist Ken Kesey succinctly expressed the problem. Budding entrepreneurs & innovators need stories to fuel the passion and inspiration necessary for their ideas to flourish.

'Ideas that spread tend to succeed'

N7 is 'tribal' engagement platform, permitting users to assemble a tribe around each of their ideas, each of their projects or passions, leaving them to focus on narrative creation and delivery; promoting, sharing and enhancing these passions to success.

Without an audience, our stories are pointless; we need to be empowered to create great narratives and more importantly to discover and assemble the right tribe(s) around these. That all important tribe of the first 1000 evangelists.


My beta implementation uses Node4j graph databases to model tribal memberships, the graphs providing fast & efficient searching capabilities for the ideas and memberships. I make use of NoSQL databases (MongoDB) and S3 compatable storage solutions for the more traditional data storage and PubNub as the messaging and event infrastructure for timelines, direct and group messaging between innovator and tribe.

The N7 App

My beta iOS app (120K lines of Objective-C) provides almost every piece of functionality that I could imagine at the time of inception. The UX is somewhat rudimentary but a new SwiftUI prototype under developmemt is more representative of my original thinking & desires.


Task Management App

Naru is a highly configurable project based task managemnent app for iOS. Visuals play an important part, allowing users at a glance to identify what's what. Each project is defined in terms of bespoke icons/names for its task detail's: actions, priorities, categories and subcategories. Tasks are created using a simple visual form that allows for quick selection of these relevant details - getting these down even when you distracted or just awoken with the best idea yet.

Managing mulitple project tasks

Each project's user experience is unqiue: project & its tasks are identified by a user choosen color scheme and tasks are identified visually through your bespoke- icons and naming conventions. Switching between different projects allows for effective management of each project's tasks, your bespoke UX prevents the confusion of different tasks from different projects.

Written in SwiftUI & Swift, it uses Core Data and CloudKit to store your projects and tasks. iPad edition in the works and a bespoke MacOS version planned. The iPhone edition will be released into the App Store once the final finessing of the UX has been completed.


Data Syncronication Core Data / NoSQL

nZero is a Objective-C framework that allows for the basic "CRUD" synchronization of data beween core data entities and NoSQL databases without havng to write synchronization code.


Mapping of entities and mapping to target servers are configured in plist files and bundled with the application and a simple sync base class is provided to let core data entities sync to target servers, providing simple create, read [single entities using key value or from multiple using JSON filter/search expression], update and delete methods.


The framework also supports user defined 'sharding' across multiple sets of servers, effectively allowing for user defined distribution of data based around whatever parameters that best matches their cirumstances and requirements.


Unique ideas

An anonymous messaging app with two novel ideas at the time of its release: (1) allow unlimited anonymous user ids, and discard them when you like. (2) included a ‘social’ classifieds exchange - finding likeminded souls for whatever you intensions are.


Distributed Process Engine (Swift)

A rethink from an earlier startup: a distributed workflow system written in Swift. We used our previous developed workflow system, in combination with a model driven data routing system, to provide a fast time-to-market provisioning system for cloud services. This startup was aquired by a Silicon Valley CRM company.

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